5 things that happy homeowners don’t do

Happiness should not be seen as a destination, it should be present in everything we do, regardless of whether we are waking up early to do the school run before work, going out for the evening to meet old friends, or just spending a lazy afternoon at home. And that’s the key – happiness starts at home. Read on to find out what happy homeowners don’t do.

1. They do not have rows with their neighbours

Everybody pictures their dream home differently. Some place it on the quiet shores of a mountain lake surrounded by pine forests, others dream of a white-stoned beachside villa and an idyllic orchard with orange trees, while others picture a contemporary new-build apartment in the heart of the city, close to restaurants and shopping centres.

The thing that nobody pictures alongside their dream home is noisy neighbours who disturb the peace. Loud people living next door can feel like the ruin of your little haven but happy homeowners do not let resentment build up, they ignore them and do let it become a worry. If the worst comes to the worst a polite word or too helps keep the communication lines open and avoiding future conflict that would only lead to more anger and unhappiness.

2. They don’t forget to act

Whenever a minor issue becomes apparent, happy homeowners immediately act on it – whether its a small leak in the water pipe, a squeaking door, a loose hinge, or decaying paint on the garden fence – procrastination only exacerbates the problem and savvy homeowners understand that. That does not mean you have to be handy yourself, ask a friend or local contact who is good with DIY. You never know it can actually a good way of keeping in touch and spending some time with friends once the job has been done.

3. They don’t refurbish every other month

Besides the fact it is extremely annoying for people living next door due to all the noise it creates, renovating and changing the furniture can create a lot of noise and mess. If you do need to refurbish, always plan it carefully to cause the least disturbance for your neighbours and make sure you get it right first time. After all, nobody wants to see you getting the contractors back in month after month to make changes that could have been avoided.

4. They don’t forget to be good neighbours

Living in a modern apartment comes with plenty of opportunities for social interactions for its tenants. Happy homeowners understand the importance of neighbourly pleasantries and help each other integrate into the community. Simple things like inviting neighbours over for dinner now and then, going shopping together or even just offering guidance on the best spots in the city to spend time with the family can mean a lot for those who find it difficult to settle in to their new-build apartment. Offering your time to others and building new relationships can help avoid potential issues with neighbours in the future and can overall make you feel more fulfilled.

5. They don’t waste energy

Cutting down on energy use is not just a good way of saving money, but it is also the shortest route towards a better and greener planet. Happy homeowners are always careful to save energy by using electrical appliances less, turning off the lights when they are not needed and update electrical devices to meet modern standards. This way, there is less to pay on energy bills and more money left for the holiday fund, a new piece of furniture or urgent repair work.

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