5 Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Fresh and Modern

You have worked all your life to finally get your own home, but now you are starting to realise that your home can age quicker than you imagine. Keeping your home looking modern can be a budget stretching process, however there are some small steps you can take to do this without spending huge amounts of money. Here we look at some of the key aspects of keeping your home looking fresh and modern, while some of these can be expensive, others can also be achieved on a tight budget.


The colour of your rooms can instantly effect how your home looks. Painting is a simple, yet cheap and effective way to giving your home a fresh look. When you get to the stage of selecting a colour for your room, consider the mood of the room you wish to paint. If the room is a bedroom do you want the feeling to be restful and soothing or dramatic and intimate? Cool, soft and neutral colours usually create a quieter feeling, while stronger colours give a dramatic mood and a feeling of drama. For the dining and living areas, do you want to create a sociable atmosphere or formal and quiet? Warm, contrasting and bright colours give a sociable feeling to your room, with deep blue/green’s giving a more formal appearance. When choosing your room colour, a great start would be to visit a local paint store, these have light boxes which give you an insight into how colours will look under different lighting situations.

Bathroom & Kitchen

Your bathroom and kitchen areas are the main focal points of your home. If you have friends over and socialise regularly, you will know that your kitchen and bathroom give an instant impression of you as a person. When choosing a kitchen there are many points you need to take into consideration, this includes the space that you have, storage space you need, lighting, appliances and more. Storage cabinets, countertops and appliances give the overall style to your kitchen, it is important to get an idea of the style that you want to achieve before choosing these. Most popular kitchen designs combine traditional looking worktops and cabinets with modern appliances. This combination gives a fresh, yet modern appearance to any kitchen space. One other aspect that can impact the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom areas are your choice of wall or floor tiles. Our friends at RF Interiors told us “Your kitchen can be instantly impacted by the choice of tiles you use, marble tiles have become one of the most popular choices among customers for modern tiling”. If you already have a kitchen installed and are looking for a simple modern touch, simply paint your kitchen interior cabinet doors black. This gives an instant, yet budget friendly modern touch to any kitchen area.


Another simple improvement that can be made to give a modern touch to your home is doors. This includes both exterior and interior doors. For interiors doors in your home, there are several different styles of doors that can give a modern look. Wooden panel doors are one of the easier doors to fit in your home, these can match literally any style of home and give a traditional, yet modern touch. Your exterior doors can also give a modern touch to your home, this can either be with a simple touch of paint or with a brand new replacement composite door.

Garden Area

Your garden area is the centre of attention during the warmer summer months. With garden parties, barbecues and many other summer activities, it is important to make sure your garden looks as clean and fresh as possible. A number of aspects that affect the appearance of your garden includes your choice of decking or paving, storage facilities and seating facilities. Our friends at RF Landscape Products told us “There are a huge amount of paving options available to give your garden a modern touch, we have seen a large rise in the number of customers looking for modern garden paving in recent years”.


Your garage is an area of your home that simply gets ignored. As these are generally situated away from your home its-self, your garage is usually the last thing you think of when improving your home. Some of the tips from above also apply to your garage area. For example a simple touch of paint can give this area an easy, yet cheap modern feel. As your garage can be used for a number of things including parking, personal gym and as a games room, some people tend to spend more time in their garage than in their home. For this reason, your garage should also be considered when you are looking to modernise your home. The first thing you see when using your garage is your garage door, if this is currently looking old or worn you may want to consider replacing this with a brand new Garage Door. This will also help with security and can instantly give this area a modern and clean look. After this it is totally up to you with what you wish to transfer this large often unused space in to.

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