5 Ways to Check Your Property is in Good Condition

It’s not just cars that require a yearly MOT, well at least that’s if you’re hoping to keep your home in the best condition possible all year round. It can help to carry out a thorough check of your own home every now and then to ensure nothing is out of place, as this could save you plenty of money in the long run. You should look to check at the beginning of winter as this will prepare you for the potentially harsh and dangerous weather conditions.

A little maintenance every year on your home, whether it’s unblocking drainage or fixing broken gutters or replacing roof tiles, can potentially save you a lot of major problems in the future. There’s no better time to do this than now, so sue the following 5 tips to give your home a thorough MOT!

The Chimney

If you don’t have a chimney you can skip the first step but, regardless of whether your chimney is fully functional or not, you should keep an eye on whether it is leaning to one side or if there is any growth around the top. Use binoculars to check whether there is any mortar missing from the joints. Any of these can lead to issues in future, so if you spot anything make sure you get an expert in to check it out.
Analyse Ridge Tiles

The ridge tiles should form a complete row with none missing whatsoever. If any are missing it is likely that they may have fallen off or dislodged. Make sure they are all there and check for any smaller gaps between them. If you can see daylight through the joints this may be a problem. You may need to repoint the ridge tiles if this is the case.

Windows and Doors

If you own a less contemporary property with doors and windows that are made of timber, it is important that these are painted at least once every three to five years. Check for any bare w2ood on the cills of the windows or the opening sashes. Regular paintwork ensures that there is sufficient protection for the wood.

Monitor Growth of Trees, Bushes and Ivy

All three of these can cause damage to a property if they overgrow, so it’s important to check all the growth against the building. If you notice any plants, shrubs or trees that are overgrown, make sure that you get to work cutting them back as soon as possible.

Check Your Gutters and Drainage

Your gutters and drainage are absolutely essential parts of your property and must be checked on a regular basis. Check to see if the gutters are leaking at the joints or if they are overflowing on a rainy day. How is the guttering catching the water? Is it coming from the roof or running down the sides of the wall? The best time to carry out a thorough check of your guttering is on a rainy day when they are put to the test.

Article provided by Octego, resin flooring and construction fit out specialists based in West Sussex for over 40 years.

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