6 Tips to Choose the Best Air Conditioner for Your Home

During summer, an air conditioner is necessary for every home. There are several types of split, window and ducted air conditioners available in the market and you need to choose the proper one which can provide you with the best cooling experience at a low electric consumption level. Earlier people used to install the window air conditioner because split models were not invented. But now there are several models which have been launched with the latest technology such as ecofriendly features, copper body and low electric consumption level with inbuilt stabilizer. So it is very difficult to choose the right air conditioner and now you can select the model based on the features and affordability of the system.

A few things to consider while you choose your air conditioner:

1. Capacity: each air conditioner has a certain capacity level, such as one ton or five tons. For domestic purposes, people mainly use the maximum 5-ton air conditioner in their large areas. But for the commercial places, you must install higher capacity commercial air conditioner or central cooling system. The capacity depends on the room size and you can consult with the dealers in this regard. If you install a small capacity air conditioner in a large room, then it will take a long time for cooling and it will also consume higher electricity power also. So always choose the air conditioner with proper capacity according to your room size only.

2. Energy efficient: The electricity bill is a major problem and you have to pay huge amount as monthly electricity bills. To reduce your electric bill, you need to install a copper bodied air conditioner, and an energy efficient cooling machine in your rooms. You will find some local authorization and tested logo on the air conditioners body and you can easily understand the power consumption level of the model. So check this system and buy a power efficient air conditioner only.

3. Split or window: this is a major deciding factor whether you need a split or a window air conditioner in your home. The purpose is same for both the air conditioners. Window air conditioner is cheaper than split air conditioner and it is very easy to install as well. But split air conditioners are more stylish and they are available in various appealing designs. Along with that, you can also choose some designer split air conditioners which can match with your wall color.

4. Air quality: indoor air quality is very important and when you buy a new air conditioner you need to check the filter power of the model. Air conditioners also dehumidify your rooms and circulate fresh and clean air through their air filter systems.

5. Installation: air conditioner installation process is really a complicated task and it will need few hours for a technician to install it. Window air conditioners come with a single unit and it can be installed in a particular place. But the split air conditioners come with two units and you need to install the indoor one inside the bedroom or other rooms and the outdoor unit must be installed at the balcony or on the outside wall of your house. For this installation purposes, you need to hire the authorized service center and they will install your air conditioner in a proper manner.

6. Cooling speed: you can easily control the cooling speed and fan speed of your air conditioner with a remote control. Apart from that some of the air conditioners have automotive speed controller systems and they will adjust according to the room temperature automatically.

So now compare the price range of different air conditioners and check their features. Then you can easily purchase a new branded air-conditioner for staying cool during hot summers.

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