7 eye-catching flowers that you can be grow in containers

An Entrance having colorful flowers can give awesome scenery and look to your home. You can grow almost all the colors blooms for your balcony garden and are best suitable. But there are some specific flowers which look well in a tiny container and can bring awesomeness. Balcony containers give fascinating look having adorable, colorful flowers. So, which flowers you will include in your container? Not so tough question. There are specific flowers which give an outstanding touch to your home. To learn more about flowers that can grow up in containers read on…

Best suitable flowers in container are as below :

1. Calla Lilies : Calla lily flowers are also called lily of the Nile. They have white flowers which can twist and curl, ending in a delicate point. Calla lily flowers also come in pink, orange and dark green colors. They are popular flowers for weddings and Easter. These flowers grow to 2 feet tall and they can be grown in planting containers. Calla lilies give pleasant look while in a container. Approach Moyses flowers delivery in uk because they stock a large selection of fresh cut flowers with all species of flowers as well as plants.

2. Celosia : Celosia flowers are also called wool flowers, having unusual flowers which can blossom up to 10 weeks. Celosia can have red, pink, gold blooms. When so many celosia flower blooms next to each other, they resemble fire. The genius name celosia is because of their characteristics. It means burning in Greek. All celosia flowers have different shapes, colors and sizes. Plus, each bloom is made up of so many tiny flowers. So, this flower will generate a vast amount of seeds and keep spreading in plant container with reducing your side efforts. These flowers look good in vases and bouquets, so you can use them for beautifying indoors.

3. Chamomile : Chamomile is a tremendous white-petaled flower that can be dried and used in making herbal tea. If you grow this flower in your balcony having purpose of making tea, you should get German chamomile and avoid Roman species. These container plants usually grow about 9 inches tall, can grow 2 feet and spread up to 2 feet across. Chamomile flowers look like daisies and are about 1 inch in diameter.

4. Chrysanthemums : Chrysanthemum flowers are also called mums or chrysanths which come in many varieties that suit as a balcony container. There are two varieties of chrysanthemum, which are hardy and florist. Hardy chrysanthemum flowers are appropriate for cool weather; Also can be overwintered outside garden. Florist chrysanthemum is suitable in mild weather which needs more attention. They are more delicate and produce beautiful blooms.

5. Daffodils : Daffodils are also called Narcissus. They are handy flowering plants that mostly blossom in spring, but several species flower in autumn too. Every daffodil flowers have trumpet surrounded by six floral leaves. Daffodil flower colors are white, yellow or a mixture of the two. These flowers have a sweet and pleasant smell. They are best suitable for a balcony container gardens.

6. Dahlias : Dahlias are best featured while growing in a plant container. They are at least 1 by 1 foot and low growing flowers having vast varieties. There are so many dahlia flower varieties that every gardener can grow something in their garden. These flowers come in every color except the blue. A blue dahlia has never been produced. It takes more time and effort to grow blue dahlias.

7. Daisies : Generally, daisies are attractive flowers that are mostly found in flowerbed and vase arrangements. The white petaled daisy flowers are easy to grow and care for balcony gardens. Daisy flowers are most commonly white but are also available in light pink to purple-red color. These flowers appear in spring to autumn. These flowers produce close to the garden and are small in size.

Finally, except mentioned flowers, you can also take other flowers to grow in your container for having awesome scenery; Flowers like dianthus, foxgloves, geraniums, impatiens, lavender etc. Entrance is the main tag of a beautiful

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