7 Ways to Create More Space for Your Small Garden

Nothing can ever come between a green thumb and his garden – not even small space! If you’re one of the countless home gardeners worried about how to make the most greens out of your tiny garden, you have come to the right place.

We will share with you 7 creative ways to make more room for your small garden! Check them out:

Go vertical

When you don’t have any room for more width, make up for it with height! Anything can work for your vertical garden – hang some recycled soda bottle planters, use shoe organizers, or create a shelf out of upcycled pallets and put them against your wall or fence to hold your planters. The possibilities are endless! Vertical gardens are especially ideal for apartment dwellers and tiny urban homes with no room for actual plant beds.

Try raised bed gardens

Raised bed gardens operate with the same logic as the vertical gardens, except that your plants stay on the ground. Create multi-tier raised beds with different types of plants per tier, or get creative with the edges of your raised beds by adding additional planting space using pots, terracotta cylinders or recycled bottles. A good place to find raised beds is at Garden Trading and you should always try and find an online discount before you head to their store to spend your hard earned money!

Hanging planters

As with vertical gardens, use your vertical space to hold more plants, this time using a planter suspended from your ceiling or window. Hanging planters are ideal both for ornaments, edible herbs, and even small fruit-bearing plants like strawberries. Want to go the extra mile? Create an upside down planter for your tomatoes.

Repurpose old containers

Large, old containers like an old basin, plastic cases, baskets, and even a watering tin would make great elevated gardens! Fill up the container with soil and you’re away! This is ideal for limited patio spaces or even to add to your existing backyard garden.

Trellis for climbing vines

Trellises are not only additional aesthetics to any outdoor space; they are great for growing climbing vines as well. There are so many types of climbing plants to choose from – from blooming morning glories and wisterias to edible cucumbers and cantaloupes. Pick the right kind of plant and build a pen, pergola, or trellis that is strong enough for it, especially if you are planting fruit plants.

Create a hedge

Long narrow spots in your garden should not stop you from creating a plant. Make use of these little patches of soil by creating hedges by planting many seedlings of the same plant and maintain them by pruning. Go a step further by planting compatible creeping vines like morning glory to add color to your otherwise plain hedge.

Use pots

Potted plants are your best option if your small garden is nothing more than your balcony or a small bit of space in your building’s rooftop. You don’t need that much soil and you can easily arrange them on a shelf or bunched together to create a certain look.

With these tips and a little creativity, the size of your garden hardly matters compared to the lushness and beauty of it. Happy planting!

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