9 Ways in Which You Can Add Value to Your Home

Homeowners will make improvements to their property in the expectation of an increased resale value in the future. However, they have to be confident this will actually materialise as some renovations are not as valuable as others.

For example, adding luxury attractions to your home will not add as much value as functional changes such as room conversions or extensions. To give you some further ideas, here is a list of 9 ways in which home improvements can push its selling price up.


Building a home extension is another way of increasing your home’s resale value, as well as providing additional space inside. An extension can be utilised as an additional bedroom, office or bathroom, or simply to expand existing rooms to a more comfortable size.


The condition of your roof shouldn’t be neglected when considering property value. Potential buyers can be put off immediately by seeing an ugly-looking roof in bad condition. One tip could be to replace concrete roof tiles with slate for a more attractive aesthetic.

Loft Conversion

There are many advantages of a loft conversion, not least the additional living space it will provide. If converting it into an additional bedroom, which will usually allow for skylights and some great views, the value of your property is sure to rise.

Replacing Windows

Another effective method of increasing property value is to replace existing windows with smart, double glazed PVCu upgrades. As well as looking attractive from the outside, they are increasingly energy efficient, thus bringing down heating bills also.

En-Suite Bedrooms

If conceivable, installing en-suite bathrooms in one, or possibly two, of the upstairs bedrooms will certainly add value to the property. You can then add some lovely features such as heated towel rails and walk-in showers with glass screen doors.

Improve Broadband

With modern life reliant so much on staying connected 24/7, installing super-fast broadband is a must for the majority of people on the property market. Consider fitting fibre optic cables or satellite broadband if in a poor reception area.

Service Updates

Along with your internet connection, prospective buyers will be interested in the condition of your electricity, plumbing and heating systems. Re-wiring the house with a modern consumer unit will only increase its value, likewise will a new pressurised plumbing system.

Garage Conversions

Garages are less likely to be used as car holders these days so many homeowners are considering a conversion instead. They can be transformed into a sizeable downstairs bedrooms or simply be used as additional storage space.

Fixing Defects

Perhaps the most effective way to increase your home’s value is to simply repair any existing damage and obvious defects. Buyers may be put off instantly by shoddy paint jobs, creaking floorboards or dripping taps. Make sure you house is looking as pleasing to the eye as possible before placing it on the market.

Jade Waddy is the editor for MPK Lofts and has an NOCN level 3 in journalism. She writes on all manner of subjects but specialises in home improvement.

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