Advice on Protecting Your Oil Tank

An oil tank can be a great way of providing heat to your home or property, but if they’re not properly protected or looked after you could be looking at heavy costs to fix or replace your tank. Some fuel tanks are capable of storing hundreds or even thousands of pounds worth of fuel or oil, so they could be an easy target for thieves if not properly secured. Fortunately there are some easy ways of protecting your tank that will help to save you money, or even prevent thefts altogether. Take a look through this article for some tips on how to keep your oil tanks safe.

Locks, gauges and switches

An obvious but easily overlooked piece of advice is to keep a lock on your tank. If your tank is in an enclosed area or just in your garden, you should also invest in a high quality lock to go on the entrance. There are a range of locks available for oil tanks, so it’s worth taking a look to see which ones are best for your tank and offer the most security. A good lock will go a long way in deterring and preventing thefts, and will definitely be a good investment in the long term.

It’s also advised that you should turn off control switches that control the flow of oil when the tank is not in use. Keeping an eye on your oil levels, checking them regularly and keeping a note of your consumption is also a good way of seeing if you have a problem. If your oil consumption drops dramatically or seems unusual then you could have cause for concern, however you should check if this is a problem with the pipes or the tank itself before contacting the police. Regular checks and maintenance should be carried out to make sure you tank doesn’t develop any issues.

Strategic Positioning

When you get a tank installed it’s worth spending some time planning where to put it. Not only will proper positioning help prevent problems with your tank, it will also make it easier to protect. It’s best to keep the tank somewhere well overlooked and visible from your windows. If you can easily see your storage tank from your home then you will also be able to easily spot any thieves approaching your tank.

Keeping your tank in a secure, enclosed space is also a good way of preventing thefts and may be a more desirable option for those concerned about aesthetics. If you’re keeping your tank somewhere enclosed it is important to consider ventilation for the tank and access for deliveries. If you’re not sure about this, speak to the people who are going to install the tank for advice on keeping it accessible and properly ventilated. As mentioned, getting a good lock is advised for protecting your tank if it’s in an enclosed space.


Good lighting in your garden and around your oil tank is another excellent way of deterring thieves, as well as keeping the tank visible from your property at night. There are a number of security lights or simple lighting solutions available, so it’s good to take a look at what would be suitable for your property and the area where your oil tank is kept. Floodlights for example are not necessarily the best solution, particularly if you live in a busy property or near a road as the lights could cause problems for neighbours and road users. Less powerful lighting should be sufficient in keeping your tank well secure and illuminated, as well as deterring would be thieves.

Perimeter Defences

When thinking about keeping your oil tank secure you should also consider the overall security of your property. If you’re keeping your tank in the garden then you should make sure your fence is kept in good condition. You should also make sure your fence is hard to climb, for example keeping your bins or other objects near your fence could provide an easy way for a thief to climb over into your garden. Keeping your gate secure is also important, keep it closed at all times and make sure it is locked to prevent an easy entrance for intruders.

Be vigilant

Even if you follow all these suggestions, you should still be carrying out regular checks on your tank and the area around it. Make sure there are no problems with your lights, your locks are not damaged and keep your perimeter fence or tank enclosure in good condition to prevent thefts. If you think your tank has been targeted by thieves and it doesn’t just look like a maintenance problem, then it might be time to call the police! Always check your tank to make sure first before getting the police involved.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the property industry – working with companies such as Sussex-based oil tank specialist SG Tanks, who were consulted over the information provided here.

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