Are Natural Stone Worktops The Best Option?

When choosing some worktops for your home, it’s worth paying a little more for natural stone. Not only will you be paying for strength and durability, you’ll also be paying for timeless elegance. So which type of stone should you choose for your new worktops?

We spoke with a leading kitchen worktop supplier in Chelmsford to discover what house builders, designers, architects and home owners are all currently looking for in their new kitchens. There was one clear trend – those looking to create a luxury kitchen were installing granite or quartz worktops, instead of the more affordable option of a laminate worktop.

Granite is often the first choice of customers for two reasons. The first is its relative resistance to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. This means that you can place hot pots and pans directly onto it – perfect for keen cooks – although, very hot pans can cause cracks in granite. The second reason it’s so popular is that it’s available in many naturally occurring shades. From pink to black, there’s going to be a colour that suits your scheme.

Quartz worktops are a mixture of natural quartz and resin. This results in a worktop that’s less porous than granite but just as strong. Thanks to its uniform appearance and huge range of colours, it’s easy to introduce into most kitchens. White quartz is particularly popular, as there is no naturally occurring pure white granite. Its non-porous surface makes it extremely hygienic too.

For something truly eye catching, you can’t get much better than marble. Prized throughout history, the unique look of marble is unmistakable. It’s incredibly durable and, if looked after properly, will last for many years to come. A classic choice, it’s great for more traditional schemes, and is also greatly suited to use in bathrooms.

As you can see, natural stone worktops make great additions to any room in the home. As well as lasting for a lifetime, they’ll lift a room and make it look a million dollars. So go on – give your home the five star treatment!

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