Are You Vacuuming Your Carpets Wrong?

It may seem odd to suggest you’re doing it all wrong, especially when your cleaner bag or container full of dust suggests otherwise, but it seems that most people are wielding their hoover around the home in the wrong way.

Carpets need looking after just like any other surface in the house, and we all share a wish for them to be free of dust, dirt, and allergens. Stain removal and deep cleaning can all help your carpet maintain its condition and last a lot longer, but what about day-today routine cleans?

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner can help, with all the latest innovation and technology there are a wide selection available, with powerful suction, and accessories to help with everything from stairs and tight corners, to crevices, and pet hair. It’s not just about the vacuum cleaner though, what about the carpet? Choosing the right carpet for your needs means something that is not only built to last, but manufactured in a way that’s easy to clean as well.

Cormar Carpets offer several different collections of British made carpets in different textures, colours and styles that allow for more efficient cleaning.

But how to clean to extract the maximum dirt and grime from the carpet fibres? Flicking the hoover back and forward is all kinds of wrong apparently, if you want to hoover like the professionals. Here are the steps to follow to vacuum in the right way:

  • Visually divide your carpet up into rows, and hoover the first row in one direction from edge to edge. Do this against the nap of the carpet, so it fluffs up, then go back over the same strip. The carpet will fall back down in position and you’ll suction up any missed pieces of dirt.
  • Repeat the same process with the next strip of carpet, making sure you overlap slightly, and work your way across the room.
  • When you’ve finished the room, work the hoover in the opposite direction – i.e. east to west instead of north to south.

When you’ve finished don’t forget to empty all the extra dirt into the bin, and enjoy a longer lasting carpet under your feet.

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