Brighten Up Your Summer with Unique Fire Pit Media

Nothing says summer nights like gathering around a fire pit in the backyard with a pitcher of sangria and a group of friends. Whether you’re toasting marshmallows or playing guitar by the firelight, fire pits add an ambient touch to your outdoor paradise.

What could be even more pleasant than relaxing by the light of a fire on your patio? Personalizing it, of course! Customize the look of your fire pit by mixing and matching fire pit media.

Fire pit media are accessories that add flair and personality to your fire feature. Pick and choose media to bring out a pop of color and glam up your yard.

Fire Balls

Use these spherical beauties to give your fire pit a modern feel. Often made of ceramic or terracotta, fire balls come in a multitude of earth-toned colors that never fade. These adornments come in all different sizes, so you can arrange them any way you please. Stack them up in a pyramid or line them up for a minimalist look.

Fire Glass

If you like shimmering color, fire glass is for you. These eco-friendly, tempered glass fragments come in a dizzying array of colors. The number one fire pit media, fire glass allows you to create a centerpiece with luxurious sheen. Even better? Fire glass is one of the easiest accessories to clean, just rinse it off in the sink and let it dry. It is also long-lasting, and resists scratches and melting.

Fire Shapes

If you’re drawn to shapes, lines, colors, and textures, look no further than fire shapes. Choose from various geometric shapes like diamonds, cones, and squares. You can pick one design, filling your fire pit with ceramic or concrete cylinders, or arrange your fire feature with exciting shapes, colors, and sizes.

Fire Stones

If you’re a bit more traditional, head for fire stones. Typically more affordable than other media, fire stones elevate the refined look of your fire pit. With an elegant feel, fire stones bring nature to your backyard. Choose from ceramic or rolled lava stones in muted tones to polish your fire pit.

Now What?

Get started! Go online, browse, start your Pinterest board, and begin planning your next fire media project.

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