Creative Themes For Your New Bathroom

A recent study carried out has shocked the Nation – it claimed that, over a lifetime, we spend a massive 92 days in the bathroom!

Whether you have kept your bathroom modern and simple with white tiles and a plain design, or you have gone for wacky coloured paint and bright accessories – it is vital that your bathroom is practical and works perfectly within your lifestyle.


Although very simple, having a modern theme in your bathroom can be very effective at giving your bathroom a clean and relaxing feel.
How to achieve it?

Using colours that blend nicely together, such as greys, whites and blacks, will ensure an open and calm atmosphere. To complement the colour of the walls, adding in glass shelves as a home for your products, or even a mirrored cabinet, will help the space feel airy and simple.


Everyone enjoys a spa day, so why not give yourself that luxury feeling every time you take a bath? Scented candles and low lighting add to the spa theme. Adding underfloor heating and using soft pastel coloured paint or tiling will give the space a lovely warmth and quality feel.

Getting the balance right

Choosing the theme can be a hard decision, there are a lot of factors to consider and it is important that you get the balance correct to ensure that your bathroom is still practical as well as attractive.

Help and Advice

Take a trip down to your local bathroom showroom for inspiration and also help and advice with any questions that you may have.

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