Energy Efficient Bifolding Doors Are Worth Every Penny

Bifolding Doors Tick All the Boxes for Your Conservatory

This year’s must-have conservatory feature has been bi folding doors. What makes them so popular with homeowners?

Glass has become an increasingly popular construction material over the past few decades. The Gherkin and The Shard in London are obvious examples, and of course there is the famous pyramid over The Louvre in Paris.

Yet it is not just world famous public buildings and office blocks that can make clever use of glass. It is also an attractive, practical and energy efficient material for use in domestic homes, particularly where conservatories are concerned. The “all glass” design using bi fold doors has really surged in popularity over the past year or so. And when you take a look at the advantages they bring, it becomes obvious to see why.

Transforms your living space

Put simply, bi folding doors open out your conservatory like nothing else. You can effectively have an entire wall that concertinas at one end, transforming your home and garden into a single living space in the summer months.

Maximising the light

Bi folding doors have incredibly slim aluminium frames that can accommodate very large panes of glass. This maximises the natural light that your home can enjoy, making your living space feel bright and welcoming all year round.

Maximising the warmth

Maximum light means maximum heat from the sun. Aluminium benefits from extremely high thermal properties, and the glass itself also offers excellent levels of energy efficiency. These factors combine to keep your conservatory well insulated and toasty warm, even in the middle of winter, without you having to spend a fortune on heating bills.

Easy to open

Due to their large size, many people make the mistake of assuming bi fold doors need a lot of strength to open and close. This could not be further from the truth. Aluminium is super light, and the doors can typically be operated with a fingertip touch. This makes them popular with the elderly, or those with restricted mobility.

Low maintenance

One of the disadvantages to wood is that it requires a certain amount of periodic care and maintenance. Even uPVC begins to look scruffy if you do not take time to give it a good scrub periodically. Aluminium, on the other hand, is a weather-resistant material and could not be easier to keep clean and looking like new. All it needs is a wipe with a wet cloth when you clean the windows. As for the rest of the mechanism, it is just a case of brushing any stones or debris from the track and it will give years of hassle-free service.


You might think all that glass is in some way less secure. Again, the opposite is actually true. Most glass doors have a single locking point, but bi fold doors are fitted with multi point locking systems, as well as high-security hinges and internally beaded frames. Your home couldn’t be safer.

They look great

Last but not least, bi fold doors look amazing. They add style and sophistication to your home, and are an investment that will significantly add to the value of your property.

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