Four Key Home Trends for 2016 That Don’t Have to Break the Bank

How you arrange and furnish your house and bedroom can say a lot about you. Whether you’re a constant renovator and interior innovator, or just like to tinker with each room over time, you’ll find plenty of inspiration from this year’s key trends for your next home upgrade that don’t have to break the bank.

Indoor Meets Outdoors

The trend for light, seamless living spaces will continue, encouraging you to find new ways to blur the line between indoors and outdoors.

On the one hand, that means looking at large, sliding windows and doors and breaking down the boundaries between spaces. Think of a kitchen with an external bar area just the other side of a foldaway window, running into a patio area. Or floor-to-ceiling bi-fold doors in your bedroom, spilling out onto your garden with a covered study area.

For smaller spaces, there will be new ways to bring greenery indoors. The humble pot plant and un-killable cactus will persist, but look for bottled gardens (or make your own), indoor fruit and even small trees to bring life and uplifting greenery to your home.

Wooden Tones in the Bathroom

After years of white ceramic, now is the time that more natural tones and materials are moving into the bathroom, says one high-end bathroom supplier in Surrey. And they’re not alone in picking up this trend that reflects the way bathrooms are gaining respect in the house as potential mini spa havens of relaxation.

If you can’t squeeze a whole tree trunk into your bathroom, look for wooden countertops balanced with an earthy sink unit and brass fittings for an opulent, natural-feeling environment. Alternatively, rip up the lino and invest in a high-quality engineered wood floor that brings warmth to the room while creating a greater sense of flow from neighbouring rooms.

Stylish and Clever Storage

Sadly, affordable mansions and penthouses are not a trend in 2016, so it’s all about making your hidden spaces work for you with ingenious designs that don’t just hide your mess but make tidying and finding your possessions into a treat.

If you have stairs, there are a number of options to turn that space into something useful, from fully bespoke solutions to humble IKEA hacks. Elsewhere, look for in-unit compartments, dividers and modular storage that will convert every one of your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen units into a space-saving, clutter-loving TARDIS.

Like the indoor/outdoor trend, I think this trend speaks to a reaction of how we live now and encourages us to find new ways to make our small, urban homes into something a bit more magical.

Sustainable & Tech Free

Finally, 2016 is definitely the year to embrace upcycling – reframing or recycling beautifully weathered pieces to bring instant character to a room. If you’re handy, it’s a great excuse to buy several items from your local charity or vintage shop and see what you could create. Perhaps an old trunk could become a bar and drinks area? Or how about reclaiming a broken jukebox as a bookcase or mini fridge? Or creating a table from old trays or mirrors?

Again, this trend speaks to bringing warmth back into the home after years of white walls and minimal clean lines. If you have the space, a related trend that I really like is, simply, to have one room without technology – an old-fashioned sitting room, if you would, to bring friends and family together to sit, talk, or relax away from the constant stream of information.

Which key home décor trends are inspiring you this year?

Author: Editor

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