How To Save On Carpets

Carpeting your home or office can be expensive, but there are some great ways to save money without having to compromise on quality. One of those is to incorporate carpet remnants into your refurbishment.

What Are Carpet Remnants?

As we all know, carpet dealers buy the carpet in large rolls. As customers buy it in random measurements, there’s usually a few feet left at the end of the roll, which someone is unlikely to buy at full price. This is the remnant, and many stores roll it up and sell it as it is at a highly discounted price.

What Are The Advantage Of Buying Remnants?

Well the most obvious one is that you can simply walk away with your carpet after visiting a store that has carpet remnants for sale, or have it delivered quickly without having to organise for it to be fitted. They’re also a great way of saving money when you’re renovating smaller rooms or those with low-traffic, as the chances are you’ll be able to cut down the remnant to fit.

What To Bear In Mind

Obviously if you’re buying a remnant, you’re buying left over stock. This mean that you’ll likely have less choice of colour and texture, but if you’re not sold on a particular carpet, then it’s well worth looking. You might find just what you’re after at a great price.

The other thing is that remnants often don’t come with a warranty. However as they’re sold as such a discounted price, it’s a pretty low risk investment and can save you a lot of money when it comes to re carpeting. It’s also why remnants are ideal for low traffic areas as, with less footfall, the warranty becomes much less of a concern.

Prices can also start from as little as £2.99, and if that’s not enough to tempt you, nothing is!

If you cannot find any remnants that suit your needs, check out Cormar carpets – they are an award winning UK brand of easy-clean carpets that also provide excellent value for money.

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