Looking After Your Library

Libraries are one of the clearest demonstrations of luxury in any household. Artichoke know exactly what it takes to design magnificent baroque libraries that are inspired by classic libraries across the world. There is no doubt that having one in your own is a symbol of intellect and knowledge, although there are many clients Artichoke have designed libraries for in the past that don’t have enough books to fill the shelves.

Some of the best materials to use for the grandest of libraries these days include European Walnut or Brazilian mahogany, simply for the colour these two materials have to offer. Rustic properties and environments benefit immensely from oak finishes, while the added feature of a secret drawer adds that little extra quirkiness. All the greatest libraries have secret drawers and we certainly recommend them.

When it comes to the books and building up your spectacular library, the key is to include the books that you love. Do your best to acquire them in the best possible condition and keep them on the shelves as often as possible, away from the sun’s rays. You can prevent fading on books as a result of sunlight by putting UV-retardant film on your windows.

Make sure there are no direct sources of heat around the library, as well as condensation and the risk of accidental water spillage. Air conditioning units and radiators are the two most obvious culprits. While it’s certainly appealing to have a fireplace in your library, you are risking ash and smoke damage to your collection.

You can house the more valuable books in cases that protect them. When spring cleaning comes around, move the books out of the way and clean shelves and bookcase doors, before replacing the books and dusting them thoroughly.

One of the most stunning properties in London, the York Terrace East property, is one of London’s most prestigious locations that overlooks Regents Park. Libraries are an enticing, elegant and imposing feature in any classic property and demonstrate luxury beyond any other interior design feature.

Many requests for libraries are made by homeowners who either have an admiration for the spectacle of a room filled with literature to those with a plethora of knowledge and intellect to store appropriately.

Areas of London that are most likely to have properties with libraries include Kensington and Chelsea as well as Marleybone. There are many Georgian townhouses in these areas, one of which boasts a historical first-floor library.

Article provided by Artichoke Ltd, a bespoke kitchen and fitted furniture design business with a particular focus on large country houses – based in Somerset for over 25 years.

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