Modern Flooring Styles – 4 Reasons Why Vinyl Flooring Could Revamp Your Whole Home

Whether you’ve been saving up for a while, you’ve just moved into a new home and it is in dire need of a renovation, or you fancy doing up your home on a whim, interior design has so many ranges and different styles that you may not even know where to start. Why not work upwards from the bottom? With a wide range of different flooring styles available, you will be able to browse through a fantastic selection of different materials, or if you’re on a particular budget, vinyl flooring provides a fantastic alternative to more expensive types of flooring.

Why vinyl flooring? There are a number of advantages to installing vinyl flooring as a part of your new refurbishment plan, as it provides a flexible and affordable solution to brighter and more expensive materials such as natural stone or wooden flooring. While wooden flooring is beautiful and timeless, the care and sustained maintenance may prove to be costly and time consuming.

Take a look at four of our top reasons why vinyl flooring could be the best thing for your next renovation.

1. Affordable and Durable

Vinyl makes an affordable alternative to more expensive brands and styles and if the right design is chosen, it can even imitate the more expensive style you originally had eye on. Even luxury vinyl is fairly affordable for those on a tight budget and with lasting durability it is often a recommended choice. Plus, when installed correctly, vinyl is extremely hardwearing and resistant to dents, scratches and even stains.

2. Wide Choice of Different Designs

Vinyl comes in a huge variety of different colours and designs to suit all property types. From more traditional flooring styles to imitate an old Victorian timber kitchen, to more conventional stone tile designs and everything in between, if you have a design concept, vinyl often has a colour scheme and style that will fit perfectly with your ideas.

3. Easy to Clean

Spills are easy to clean off and wipe down and regular cleaning with a mop and brush will ensure that your vinyl stays in good shape for a very long time. You can even give it a spray with a non-chemical cleaner every now and then for good measure, although the surface of vinyl makes it easy to wipe clean at any time. You can get advanced coatings for your vinyl which will create a strong barrier to protect against colour fading, scratches and stains and that is also highly recommended.

4. Comfortable and Easy to Install

Vinyl flooring is far less likely to get cold over the winter, meaning they stay comfortable all year round, in direct contrast to some natural stone ranges. They are also incredibly easy to install and you can even install them yourself If you have a little DIY knowledge. The latest innovation of vinyl sheets and tiles include a fiberglass backing for a type of ‘loose lay’ installation, meaning you don’t have to even apply adhesive before laying the flooring.

Of course vinyl flooring is obviously not for everyone; if you absolutely must have all natural stone tiles with a wide array of gilded kitchen cabinets and countertops to accompany them, vinyl perhaps isn’t the best choice for you. However as a durable and versatile material that is both easy to clean and affordable, it provides an economical alternative to those looking at refurbishing their kitchen or bathroom. With a stunning finish that is sure to last for years to come, vinyl flooring may just be one of the best decisions you can make when renovating your home!

Article provided by Harvey Maria, suppliers of quirky, unusual and beautiful flooring types to suit all kinds of luxury home – since 1994.

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