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Moving house can be a stressful time. No matter if it’s your first, or 10th time moving, there are bound to be some challenges along the way. To help ease your soul during the moving period, you need to master the act of careful organization.

Forward planning will help guide you through the process, zapping the risk of last minute mishaps and confusion.

By creating a moving home checklist, you will be able to tick it off as you go along ensuring that everything is as easy as it can be. This checklist will also give you the ability of adding to it as you go along so that nothing will be forgotten.

To help you on your way here is a checklist you can follow and add to when moving house.

Six weeks before the move

• Fix the date – By confirming the date of your move you will have a goal to work towards. You need to be aware of the time scale you are working with so that you can make sure everything is ready for your big day.
• Notify landlord – If you are currently renting the property that you are living in, make sure that you inform your landlord with your moving date as soon as possible.
• Get quotes from removal firms – To get the best price for you it’s worth obtaining several written quotes from various removal firms. Make sure you also check the limits of their insurance too.
• Ask friends – If you’re not moving that far away, it may be option to get friends involved instead. Why not save some money and see who will be available on that date to give you a helping hand!
• Notify utility companies – Don’t forget to make sure relevant utility companies are well aware of your departure.
• Decide on new additions – If you discover that you need new furniture or carpets for your new home it is vital that you are aware of the correct measurements for your house.

Two weeks before the move

• Begin packing non-essentials – If you start now you will be eternally grateful to yourself. Start by packing books, photos, and pictures away. Also, if it’s the middle of summer and you’re not wearing those winter jumpers, pack away any non-seasonal attire into boxes.
• Arrange post – Get down to your local post office and make them aware of your move. You can arrange for your post to be forwarded for a period of time.
• Deregister from healthcare – If you’re moving to a complete new area you will need to de-register from your dentist, doctor and optician. You may find that they have another branch in your area and they may give you the option to transfer directly.
• Change of address – Form a list of people that you want to notify about your move such as friends, family and employers. Once you have this list, send out address e-cards to make important people aware of your new home contact details, such as address and phone number.
• New keys – Contact the estate agent and finalize a time to collect the keys for your new home. This will help you to be able to structure your day around this important and vital necessity!
• Check in with the removal company – Confirm the arrangements of the big day with your chosen removal company. Check the removers are well aware of how to get to your new address to avoid any unnecessary delays on the day.

The day before the move

Use this day to do a final check of the house to make sure everything is boxed up correctly and that nothing is left behind. Mark out any boxes that need special care when being handled such as boxes carrying china, mirrors or glass objects. Ensure everything is ready for when your chosen removal company arrives.

Once you are in your new home

Before the removal company leaves, make sure that everything on your inventory has made it to the house and undamaged. After all the boxes have been sorted in to the right rooms, it’s time to stick the kettle on and relax.

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