Preparing Your Property in the Event of a Flood

There’s always the chance of a nightmarish winter for many homeowners in the UK this year as relentless downpours lead to rising water levels and local flooding across widespread areas of the country.

Many could be forced to leave their homes and seek shelter elsewhere as their homes become all but submerged. What past winters have proven is that the weather can be totally unpredictable at times and we should never take it for granted.

If you are concerned about the prospect of your property being affected by flooding, there are plenty of precautions that you can take to ensure you are not hit with the full force of the devastation. Here are three essential tips to take onboard should you be faced with prospect of flooding in the future.

Preparing Your Home

Whilst flood-proofing your entire home is practically impossible, you can still do your utmost to stop rising water levels from causing too much damage to your home. You can also help to slow down the rate of flooding in your property by equipping it with the right defence mechanisms.

Sandbags are a popular choice to act as flood barriers in the short term, whilst doors and windows can also be flood-proofed if there is the potential for flooding in the future. Make sure you check that your drainage is fully operational so that water can’t flow back to your property. Temporary barriers can also be installed when the risk of severe flooding is high.

Identify Local Rivers

Flooding occurs when local rivers are incapable of managing the amount of water being collected from the surrounding land. With regards to coastal regions, sea levels can also rise uncontrollably in harsh weather conditions.

Whether you’re new to the area or just concerned about flooding in general, you can always identify the nearest potential flooding areas on a map by looking for local rivers. If you live by the sea, the chance of flooding is always possible in the worst weather conditions.

Get Insured

If you are aware that your property is at a high risk of flooding, you should seek out an insurance policy that covers you for flood damage. Unfortunately, many people who are affected by flooding don’t have cover on their insurance for flood damage as it can be quite unpredictable.

If you know you are near a river or you are aware of a history of flooding in your area, you can contact the National Flood Forum for advice in getting the right insurance policy.

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