Sell your home with great photography

Whether you are selling your home, renting it out or want to show it off, great photography makes a huge difference. This is someone’s first insight into your property so it is vital that you make a great impression on them. Both interior and exterior architectural photography is an art form, so here are some tips for getting it right in your home.

De-clutter and clean

It is always unbelievable when you see estate agents’ photos where the occupants haven’t even bothered to tidy up the room. It’s a small thing that takes five minutes but it makes a huge difference to the way a home is perceived. Photos with junk and clutter lying around suggest to potential buyers that the home is not taken care of particularly well and this can put them off
being interested.

So before you take your photos, do a thorough clean. Also don’t forget to make the bed, put the toilet seat down and everything you would usually do if you had people coming over for dinner.

Get the lighting right

Good lighting can make or break architectural photography, but it can be a difficult thing to get right. Not enough light and the home will appear dark and dingy. Too much light and the photography will look washed out and free from detail. The key is in finding a balance between natural light and artificial light.

You certainly want to have some natural light coming in, but too much will not do you any favours. Try to pick a day that is relatively overcast so that you aren’t getting any very bright sun that can produce glare. Switch on the lights in the room to give warmth to the photos.

Try different angles

You should photo a room from a variety of angles and positons. Generally rooms look better from a lower angle so it’s best not to stand when you’re photographing your home. Also, rooms usually look best when photos are taken from the doorway, but you should try out a range of different places to see if there’s somewhere that actually works better.

Just try to make sure that you are not visible in the mirror in any of the photos – it’s not a big deal, it just looks a bit silly.

Show depth

Always be mindful that it is best to show off the interior and exterior in three dimensions. If you’re photographing the outside of the house, for example, you should stand to the side rather than looking straight on. This allows the photo to show the depth of the property and it will always look more appealing. You can use this same strategy in the rooms as well.

Make rooms look larger

You should always be looking for ways for rooms to look larger. One of the best ways we have already mentioned is to ensure that they are tidy when you take the photos. However there are a number of other things that you can consider to make a room feel bigger in the photography.

You should remove any rugs on the floor and take away any objects that aren’t important to the room, like a bin or a floor light. However, don’t be tempted to start removing large pieces of furniture from the room you’re taking photos of. A room that looks empty will actually look smaller than if it has furniture in it.

Use a professional

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the best way to get amazing quality photos of your home is to hire a professional photographer. If you have no photography training it can actually be very hard to capture your home in the right way. A professional will come in and be able to pick out the best features and shots to accentuate your property.

While it could feel like an unnecessary expense, it will eventually work out to be very good value. Great photography can help you sell or rent your home more quickly and can often increase the amount that someone is willing to pay.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with London based specialist Logan Photography, who were consulted over the information

Author: Editor

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