Should I buy an acrylic coffee table?

There are plenty of great reasons to buy an acrylic coffee table. Not only do they remain ‘ontrend’ according to many leading interior design writers & bloggers but they can also offer incredible versatility, welcome value for money and space saving functionality.

Let’s be clear straightaway- an acrylic coffee table is not suitable for everyone, particularly when heavy traffic is used. Acrylic will scratch if not maintained so, if heavy use is likely then a more traditional medium may be the best option. Acrylic tables though are a smart way to display books and magazines.

But for plenty of others, an acrylic coffee table can be the answer to many prayers.

Best for light, great for space

Speaking to owners of clear acrylic tables, the materials ability to make the most of light & space is an important reason to buy. Buyers often use them in rooms where space is tight or light is poor – often studio apartments or smaller reception rooms.

Other users praise the coffee tables’ versatility. Mix-and-match with a whole range of interior design schemes – from traditional styles to vintage schemes as well as the minimalist layouts.
And parents always remember some of acrylic’s other properties too: lightweight and shatterproof, it is a safe alternative to glass and avoids the sharp edges of wood and metal.

And the final reason is price. It is possible to pay £000s for designer tables & furniture but it is also possible to buy a high quality UK-made acrylic coffee table for around about £100. Offering a contemporary design and manufactured from high quality, high impact acrylic these tables are made to last & will be a fixture of any design scheme for many years.

Despite the worries, acrylic can be cleaned with just warm water & a clean non-abrasive cloth. Use only light pressure when cleaning and avoid rubbing grit or dirt into the surface. Although there are some specific cleaning products available online, you should never use window cleaning sprays, ketones, alcohol, solvents or ammonia-based cleaning solutions.

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