Six Essential Home Improvement Tips

Home improvement doesn’t have to be laborious or boring. It can actually be quite fun to undertake, and the results are often excellent. If you are looking to sell your home, then a little home improvement is often essential when it comes to increasing the value. Even if you are staying in your home, you deserve something that looks and feels amazing to live in. So, if home improvement is on your agenda, take a look at these six essential tips for making your home a better place.

1. The Ensuite

You would be surprised by the amount that an ensuite bathroom can add to your home. Whether the potential buyers have a family or just like to host a lot of dinner parties, the added privacy that comes with an ensuite is highly sought after. Even if you are staying in your home, this little addition can have some huge bonuses.

2. Install Double Glazing

Potential buyers want a home that is well insulated so that it stays warmer during the winter and cuts down the amount that will be spent on energy bills each month. It’s also very beneficial to you if you decide to stay in your home for the same reasons, so it is certainly worth the cost. Kenny from Wesfarm Double Glazing Glasgow says “Many people opt for Upvc windows for their durability, low cost and range of styles. But they also offer great security and energy saving benefits too.”

Just remember, if you are in a period house or conservation area, only use wood window frames and never plastic. The first reason is that it is unattractive on a period home and puts off buyers, the second reason is that this is not allowed in conservation areas.

3. The Kitchen

The kitchen is the warm centre of any home. Good memories are made in the kitchen, and it is a place that people should enjoy being in. During parties, it’s where close friends gather over a few cold drinks, and for families, it is a place of bonding over baking and other activities. Regardless of what you are doing with your home, the kitchen should look great at all times. Sometimes, that means replacing the whole thing, other times a lick of paint and a few new handles will do just fine.

Add quality appliances such as microwave ovens, dishwashers and coffee machines. Matt at says “Good appliances go a long way in a happy home and while often overlooked many modern appliances can be repaired before being replaced so you can save money too.”

4. Fix the Garden Up

Another key part of the house, the garden should be a tranquil escape from the busyness of everyday life. You, or your potential buyers, should feel like they can come to the garden to relax. It’s a central area for summer parties, as well as a place for children to play when the weather is good.

For dogs and cats, it offers a place to run around and collapse in the sun. Gardens are more important than you might think, so spend some time cutting the lawn, planting flowers, and generally beautifying it.

5. Kerb Appeal

The outside of your home is just as important as what is waiting behind the front door. When people drive past and see your house for sale, you want them to notice it and become interested. A drab and dated house will get no such reaction, and the number of interested people will surely drop. Even if you are staying in your home, you deserve a beautiful house.

Fix up any peeling paint or broken brickwork on the outside of the home, and make sure you get anything structural done professionally. Replace concrete roof tiles with slate ones, and hang some flower baskets by the front door. If the lawn has seen better days, lay some new turf. Alternatively, you could gravel or it or lay blocks.

6. Consider a Wood Burner

Instead of renovating your fireplace and replacing it will a whole new one, consider investing in a wood burner. People like these, and they really help to make a home feel like home – especially in the winter months. A wood burner gives you easy control over the temperature and is also very easy to maintain. Plus, you haven’t celebrated Christmas until you have heated up a pot of mulled wine over a wood burner. Perfect.

To Conclude

Home improvement allows you to start with an average house and finish with a perfect one. Whether you are selling your home or looking for change for yourself, it can really open up the options you have for your home. Take a look at these tips, and give a few of them a go to see for yourself.

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