Smart Locks for your Front Door – A Smart Idea?

We believe it can safely be said that most of us are worried about the security of our homes. We do not care if it is because the media are trying to frighten us and make us panic, but the world sure seems less and less safe every day. If you are one of the people who are worried about the security of their home, you have probably heard of smart locks that are supposed to provide added security to the users. However, are smart locks really a smart home security idea?

What Kinds of Smart Locks are there?

Before we start dissecting smart locks and examining their good and bad sides, we should probably say a thing or two about the different types of these locks that you can find on the market. For instance, there are proximity locks that register when you are near and unlock automatically. There are also smartphone operated locks which are controlled with the smartphone. In addition, there are biometric locks which are opened using fingerprints or retina scans. There are other types as well, but these are the most common and the most interesting at the moment.

Do they really provide added security?

There are definitely ways in which smart locks can add to the overall security of your home. For one, many of them do not feature keyholes. This is an advantage since lockpicking is usually the first thing burglars learn when they “get their education”. Without keyholes, old-school burglars will have troubles gaining access. In addition to this, you cannot lose your keys and no one can duplicate them.

Furthermore, many smart locks feature software that will warn you when someone is trying to gain access to your home and some of them even feature in-built cameras that will provide you with the live feed and photographs of people who tried to get into your home.

Another great thing is that most smart locks feature a number of mechanisms that provide layer upon layer of protection and that are very difficult to circumvent in a short time.

Why they might not be so great?

There are, unfortunately, a number of reasons why smart locks may not be such a smart idea. For instance, there is always the issue of software being or becoming sensitive and “going stupid” from time to time. We have all experienced different kinds of software (on personal computers or mobile devices) not working too great at times and this is something you do not want to deal with when your locks are in question.

Also, and this is something we heard from professionals at a 24 hour locksmith company, smart locks do not provide too much physical security. If anything else, they are inferior to the more traditional locks. Those same experts warned us that if you are really serious about your home security, you will also install bolts and other reinforcements. When you do that, smart locks start to make sense for real.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, smart locks definitely have their good sides and if they are used properly and smartly, they will definitely provide you with added security. However, it is also as important to remember that they are not some sort of a miracle shield that will absolutely, 100% secure your house.


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