Timber Furniture for Outdoor Design: For and Against

Regardless of whether you have a big or a small garden, you will enjoy it the most from comfortable, quality and beautiful garden furniture. There are a lot of materials used for making garden furniture, but if you want comfort and durability, timber furniture is the best option.

A garden bench made of timber, a wooden chair set with a beautiful table to match, or a swing hanging from a tree are undoubtedly great choices.

Timber is a traditional material that is available in a variety of choices.

Popular timber choices

  • ASH
    It is mostly used for making furniture (indoor and outdoor), sleds and other sports equipment. The main feature of ash is its bright colour.
    It is semi-hard wood, in a warm chocolate colour. Walnut is compact, flexible, and tough and furniture made from this material looks beautiful.
    It is a very soft wood that is easy for processing and furniture making.
    It is a very hard, compact wood with a fine structure. It is commonly used for making ornaments and luxury furniture.
  • TEAK
    Similar to mahogany, Teak is also a hard and compact wood, mostly used for making luxury car interior decorative elements. If you are willing to spend a little more money, choosing teak or mahogany will ensure your garden looks luxurious and sophisticated.
    Eucalyptus is a very good choice and can last almost as long as teak if treated correctly. Eucalyptus is also a good material to choose if you are on a budget as it is lower in price than teak or mahogany.

For timber furniture

Timber garden furniture is durable and fits in with the surroundings. It is cheaper than metal furniture and eventually gets its characteristic patina. Another advantage of this furniture is that it is comfortable to sit on regardless of the outdoor temperature. Garden furniture made of solid timber are considerably more stable than aluminium or plastic furniture.

Natural and gentle look of a simple designer timber furniture that’s timeless, is ideal for relaxing in your yard and its quality and durability will satisfy all your garden furniture needs. Timber garden furniture has a classic look, so it is easy to combine it with other elements in your yard and it certainly looks more natural than plastic or metal ones.

Many advantages of timber furniture include durability and low maintenance. Some types of wood, such as teak, have their own natural oils to protect them against bad weather, high temperatures and humidity.

Against timber furniture

There are a few disadvantages of timber furniture such as colour fading over time, timber decay due to weather conditions or pests that attack it. So it is not necessary to paint or varnish it from time to time. Modern plastic furniture is more resistant to ultraviolet radiation than timber. Also, the selection of styles and designs of timber garden furniture is somewhat smaller.

But, by using the right coating for wood protection and with proper maintenance, timber garden furniture will give you a sense of comfort for many years.

Timber is, definitely, the most suitable material for making garden furniture. It is warm and comfortable to sit on, unlike metal or plastic. Timber is easy to shape and it is suitable for achieving the curves that follow the anatomy of the human body, which is the main reason for the comfort that garden timber furniture offers. Now, all that’s left is a nice garden party.

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