Tips to give your property a spring refresh

Spring might be in full swing, but it’s not too late to carry out some seasonal updates and improvements to your home.

Keeping your home up-to-date to reflect seasonal trends doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. To give you a helping hand, FourWalls have compiled a list of handy, cost-effective tips.


Create space

To create the feeling of extra light and space pack away and store items you won’t need now until the winter, like rugs and throws. Have a real think about what else you can pack away in the loft too, as decluttering can make your home feel a lot lighter and brighter.

Spring clean

We know it’s not the most enjoyable of tasks, but it needs to be done at some point, right? Giving your rooms and furniture some TLC will fill your house with a fresh and airy feel and scent, fitting right in with the season that is spring!

Mix-up your accessories

You’d be amazed at how much of an impact a few simple changes can have on the look of a room. You don’t have to break the bank either – investing in a few smaller items like cushions, bedding, wall art or lampshades can go a long way.

Bring the outdoors indoors

Spring is all about beautiful blooms, so why not bring a few indoors? A bunch of flowers here and there will add a lovely accent of spring to your home.

Re-arrange your furniture

Get a whole new look without spending a penny by re-arranging your furniture. Moving larger items around, such as sofas, beds or dining tables, will have an instant impact, and may even create more space, too. Experiment with smaller items too, as you never know how much of an effect they could have on the wider feel of the room.


Freshen up your furniture

You don’t need to invest in new garden furniture every year; just give your current gear a good clean and a lick of paint to give it a healthy glow that’ll have it looking as good as new in no time! You might want to be adventurous and give your furniture a whole new look with a different colour, but if not, just applying a layer of the same colour or adding a coat of outdoor varnish or oil will do.


It might not be the most glamorous of jobs, but setting some time aside to clear out your gutters could save you money on repairs in the long run. Check for debris, leaves and twigs that might result in blockages and remove them from the gutter. Tip: clogging usually occurs at the gutter’s elbow – this blockage is normally relatively simple to remove, which should make your check much quicker and easier.


Tidy up your garden by ridding it of any unsightly weeds, clearing away any build-up of dead leaves and cutting back any over-grown bushes that might not have been tended to over winter. You might surprise yourself at how much of a difference a bit of a nip and tuck to what you already have will make. Don’t forget your lawn either – rake up any leaves and other debris and give it the first cut of the year.

Plan your plants

Have a think about what colours and plants you want your garden to be filled with over the warmer months and get planting!

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