Why Buy a Domestic Oil Tank?

As people across the UK look for ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprint, many are looking into the idea of having a domestic oil tank installed. There are many benefits to owning your own oil tank, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right choice for you. Let’s go over some of the best reasons to buy a domestic oil tank to see why so many have made the decision to purchase one for themselves.

For the environment

You might not think of a domestic oil tank as being an environmentally friendly option – after all, oil is not a renewable energy source and having your own tank locks you into using it. However, it is important to recognise that there are still many aspects of modern living that are not currently possible at a reasonable cost without the use of oil.

Central heating, for example, still makes use of oil whether you have your own tank or not. With your own oil tank you are able to reduce waste and keep track of exactly what you are using so that you aren’t needlessly burning oil. When you make use of the mains supply you are buying into a network that can be highly wasteful and a domestic oil tank reduces your level of dependence on the mains.

Low price of oil

There has been a serious reduction in the price of oil of recent years and buying a domestic oil tank is a great way to tap directly into these savings. You might imagine that lower oil prices might have ensured that they would pass that on to the consumer. Unfortunately with no pressure to do so, companies have been slow to allow customers to benefit for the lower prices.

If you are able to buy your oil directly and store it, you are immediately taking advantage of these lower prices while cutting out the middleman. Naturally oil prices vary but now is the right time to put your money in to enjoy the savings.

You have complete control

Having your own tank gives you complete control in more ways than one. Firstly, you are able to understand exactly how much oil you are using and what benefit you are getting from it.

It is also an important step towards self-sufficiency. If there are any problems with any part of the mains services you will often have to wait for them to be fixed and these can often happen at the most inappropriate times of year. With your own tank you are completely aware of where any problems can stem from which means you can sort them out immediately.

Having your own tank can give you the confidence you need to start bringing in all of your energy production so that you don’t need to rely on energy companies.

Energy efficiency

Choosing an oil tank that heats is an excellent idea. Modern tanks are far more efficient at heating the oil than ever before, which can certainly benefit you both from a financial perspective and in helping the environment.

Reduce your central heating bill

You probably wouldn’t use a domestic oil tank to cover your entire central heating system, but it would contribute a significant amount. With the associated savings made from cheaper oil you can see how this would dramatically reduce the amount you pay towards central heating. Anything that you can do to reduce your reliance on the mains will ultimately have a financial benefit to you as you are not having to pay the premiums charged by large energy firms.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with SG Tanks, a Sussex-based oil tank specialist with a huge range of options.

Author: Editor

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