Why Everyone Should Be Using Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are often a go to tile. They are budget friendly, and come in a range of colours and styles. But, why should we be using them in our homes? Although they are very popular, they are often underestimated as a tile, and are often chosen because of convenience; but in reality, we believe that everyone should be using porcelain tiles in their home. Here’s why…

The way in which porcelain tiles are made has improved a lot over recent years, and because of this, there is a lot more variety than there used to be. Porcelain can very effectively mimic other materials so well that they are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. This is effective in many different ways, as it allows you to fit a porcelain tile where the original material may not be suitable.

For example, you could fit wood effect porcelain tiles in a bathroom, yet real wooden flooring would not be suitable to use in a wet area. Porcelain is also a very affordable material, so it allows those who have a smaller budget to get the look of a more expensive material. Marble is an incredibly luxurious material, and is known for being one of the most expensive tiles; yet porcelain marble effect tiles, allow you to create this expensive, luxurious look in your home for a fraction of the cost.

Some natural stone tiles can be difficult to maintain, and whilst you want to enjoy the appearance of having them in your home, you might not have the time or the budget to accommodate for the maintenance. Instead, porcelain tiles that mimic the material of your choice could be the perfect answer.

You can literally use porcelain tiles anywhere – even outdoors. It is such a versatile material and perfect if you want to tie in your garden with the rest of you home. You can use porcelain tiles on both the ceiling and floor, with not one being preferable to the other. They work just as well in wet areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen as they do in high traffic areas, such as the hallway and living room. There really is no place that porcelain tiles will not work; making it an excellent choice if you are looking for an all-round tile that you can use everywhere, in order to create continuity.

It is well known for being durable, hard and dense, meaning it can stand up to the demands of a busy family, and can be exposed to a lot of wear and tear without physically showing it. Because it has to be fired at a very high temperature, due to the type of clay that it is made from, it is incredibly dense, which allows it to handle a lot of weight, should it be used in areas where heavy equipment is likely to rest on it. This also means that it can withstand a lot of heat, including under floor heating should your budget allow.

Porcelain tiles are brilliant all-rounders. They are slip resistant, scratch resistant as well as stain resistant, whilst needing very little maintenance at all. It is such an easy material to care for that any spillages can just be wiped up with a damp cloth. In fact, all you are required to do to keep your tiles looking their best is to clean your tiles with soapy water to clean away any dirt and debris from the surface. If you do this, there is no reason that your tiles will not stay looking as beautiful as they were when they were first installed for many years to come.

The fact that porcelain tiles are so budget friendly should be an absolute bonus. With so many different designs and colours to choose from, as well as all the other advantages that come with this versatile tile, it is hard to think why these are not being chosen over other tiles every time.

Author: Editor

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