Your Guide to Hosting the Best Summer Party

With the end of summer quickly approaching, many of you will want to make the most of the long summer evenings before winter sets in. What better way to end the summer than by hosting a summer party?


Ensure that you plan ahead. Making sure that you send out your invitations as soon as you can to ensure a great turnout of your friends and family. When sending out your invites consider the size of your garden and how many of your nearest and dearests you can realistically comfortably fit in your garden.


Another factor to consider is your neighbours. To avoid any problems ensure that you warn your neighbours of your party and reassure them that there will be minimal disturbance. Or, why not consider inviting your neighbours along?

Check the weather

Checking the weather in advance will help to determine the date you pick for your party. However, as many of us know the weather isn’t always predictable and can change at the last minute – consider having a backup plan or hiring a marquee to keep your guests dry should it start to rain.

Hire a generator

Ensure that you have considered hiring a generator to keep your party in full swing long into the night.


As well as a generator, why not consider hiring a portaloo? This is a great alternative if you are not happy with your guests walking through your house to the toilet.

Don’t forget

Once you have considered all of the above points, relax and enjoy your night with your loved ones!

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