Your Guide to Keeping Your Block Paved Driveway Looking Like New

Keeping your block paved driveway clean can be achieved relatively easily by following these straightforward tips.

Prevention is the key

Regularly checking the condition of your driveway is an easy way of identifying any problems that may occur with your block paving. Catching the problem early will help you to rectify it as soon as possible to prevent any further long-lasting damage.

As well as stopping the problem from getting worse, spotting the signs early can also benefit your bank balance! It is a lot more cost-efficient to pay out for a smaller job than it is to find a large sum of money for something that could have been prevented.


Another factor that can cause a problem with your block paving is the growth of weeds. Treating all of the visible gaps in your paving with weed killer in both the spring and summer months can help to prevent them wreaking havoc on your driveway.

Always hire a professional

Caused by the releasing of sand from the joints in your paving, and usually down to heavy rain fall, driveways can gradually sink over time especially as it ages. A local and professional block paving company will be able to sort this problem for you in no time by replacing the sand that was lost in the joints, compacting it and realigning the paving, and sanding it again.

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