3 Ways to Turn Your Home into an Energy Efficient Space

Putting new implements in place in your home to make it more energy efficient will not only benefit the environment, it will cut the cost of your energy bills too!

From installing solar panels to finding the correct boiler, there are a large number of changes you could make in your home to ensure you start seeing the benefits.

Smart meters

Smart meters are set to gain even more popularity for households across the nation in 2015 with recent reports stating that between the years 2015 – 2020 all energy providers will be replacing meters with smart meters in every home across Britain at the large cost of £11 billion. Your smart meter will replace your existing gas and electricity meters and comes with an in-home display to track the energy you are using.

Smart meters record your energy usage data and then send the information to your energy provider via a wireless network, helping to make your energy bills a precise amount rather than just an overall estimated calculation.

Renewable energy

Installing renewable technology in your home to generate your own power rather than buying your energy from suppliers has many benefits as well as in some cases, allowing you to sell any remaining energy you generated back to the grid. Creating your own energy also means that you decrease the production of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.

Home appliances – don’t just leave them on standby!

Recent reports have shown that leaving your appliance on standby costs UK households an average of £45-£80 a year!

However there are a number of products to help this, new technology introduced such as standby savers allow you to easily turn all appliances off from standby all at once rather than individually.

Take advantage of the Green Deal!

The government’s Green Deal scheme has been re-opened to the public once again in a bid to encourage homeowners throughout the country to get green! You can find more information on the green deal from the experts at Reid Plumbing and Heating Contractors by visiting their Green Deal page.

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