How Investing in an Orangery Can Enhance Family Life

When your home starts to become blessed with the arrival of children, there is a whole lot of lifestyle changes that happen all of a sudden. The house suddenly begins to fill with toys, with little feet running around, it’s fair to say that the house gets its share of wear and tear.

With that, our priorities around the home begin to change. We become obsessed with finding storage solutions, keeping the place in good condition and ensuring there’s enough space for family gatherings and kid’s playtime let alone space for adults!

It’s a tricky balance to achieve, but there is something you invest in that will help you out a little. An extension is the natural solution, and a popular one, but the question is: what kind of extension? The answer – an orangery.

The Many Uses of an Orangery

So why, out of any type of extension, is an orangery the best choice for a family?

It’s because there’s so much versatility that comes with an orangery, meaning it’s perfect as a multi-use room. From family dinners, to parties or even a playroom. The abundance of light that an orangery gives means it is a sought after part of the house, lending itself to a variety of social activities.

The Time of Year for Families and Festivities

With Christmas on our doorstep, we’re all planning our next family gathering. Rather than crowding round the living room, or a dining table that’s been out-grown by the expanding family, the installation of a new orangery could help.

The added space could be used as the perfect dining room for such occasions. What better way to spend Christmas day than in the light and airy orangery, with the added benefit of undisrupted views of the garden (made all the better if we’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas!).

For Summer Enjoyment

Once we leave behind the bitter winter and the glorious British summer arrives, there’s always a rush to go out and enjoy the garden while the good weather lasts (who knows how long it sticks around for). Plus, with the children out of school, there’s a greater need to keep them entertained in and around the house.

The orangery is a natural space to spend between the garden and the rest of the household. For easy access between the indoors and outdoors, you can have bi-folding doors, opening up a whole side of the orangery so outdoors and indoors seamlessly blend. Not only does this help if we’re regularly walking to and from the garden, the orangery also allows us to easily keep an eye on children playing outside.

Any extension will give a family the benefit of additional space, however the orangery gives you the little extras, such as the added light, views of the garden to enjoy and the ease of access to the garden. There really is a multitude of ways you and your family can enjoy an orangery.

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