How to Keep Your Wood Floor Damage-Free During a Busy Christmas

Keeping your floor clean this festive season is easier than you think. Take a look at our tips and tricks for some inspiration.

Engineered wooden flooring is a great addition to any home. It makes a room look stylish and modern and for that reason, you’ll want to keep it free from any damage during the festive season. This kind of flooring is durable but accidents do happen, after all.

Buy some rugs

It may seem obvious but investing in some rugs is a good idea. Placing them by doors will allow them to soak up any moisture that comes in on people’s shoes. Water damage is the biggest problem with wooden flooring, as it can cause warping and rotting if left unattended. Rugs also minimise the risk of scuffs, scratches and stains.

No shoes indoors

If you’re having a few friends over, consider asking them to take their shoes off before they walk on your floor. High heels can cause damage such as digs and scratches – while muddy trainers can mean a lot of wiping and mopping for you.


If you don’t want to put rugs down, then treating your wooden floors can be an effective way of preventing any damage. There are a huge number of sprays and other lotions and potions on the market that act as a shield between your floor and any nasty spillages.

…or a cure

If you’re hosting a party this Christmas, keep some floor cleaner of wipes to hand. That way, if something does find its way onto the floor, you can mop it up quickly. After all, the quicker you deal with it, the less likely it is to leave any lasting damage.

As you can see, there are a number of ways of keeping your wooden floor flaw free this Christmas. Accidents are sometimes unavoidable but with a little planning you’ll be surprised at how much less they seem to happen!



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