How to Prepare Your Plants for the Cold Weather

As the nights are drawing in and the temperature is gradually dropping it is time to make sure that you are taking care of your garden and preparing it for the changing weather.
Preparing your plants will minimise the damage they suffer throughout the winter months, ensuring they last for many seasons to come.

How to protect your plants

Shield your plants on harsh winter days with a blanket or piece of cloth, which will help to keep the frost off of them, but make sure that the piece of material you have chosen is not touching the plant. It is important that you remove the material the next day to allow it to get some sunshine and oxygen.

Prevent as much damage to your plants as possible

Following these steps will ensure your plants are kept in the best possible condition throughout the cold winter months;
– Choosing plants that are more resilient than others to the cold weather will make sure that they stand the winter weather. These type of plants are a lot easier to look after too and will require a lot less maintenance.

– If you have potted plants that are not up to the cold weather, when possible, bringing them inside will ensure they are kept away from the cold.

– Where your plants are located in your garden can be very important in their survival. Frost and cold air will affect the lowest parts of your garden a lot more so ensure that you do not place your most sensitive plants here.

– Hold back on cutting away dead leaves and bulbs if you see any in the winter months – these will act as instillation for your plant helping them to survive the harsh weather conditions of winter.

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